WTFFF is online sexual abuse?!

Your sexy pictures are going round the school. Your best friend is being shamed, because she has had sex with her date and he posted pictures of it on Snapchat. A child porno is sent to a group chat and your reaction to it is: WTFFF?! Your classmate meets up with a 50 year old guy, because if he doesn’t, a video of him nude will be posted on a porn site. Online sexual abuse/intimidation. It happens to a lot of young people, but what does it entail exactly?

Shame sexting

Yara experienced shame sexting. The nudes she sent to her boyfriend were shared with the whole school by him. Yara felt extremely ashamed and guilty, her ex-boyfriend on the other hand didn’t feel anything. Schoolmates called her a slut and said everything was her own fault. The focus was on Yara and not on her ex-boyfriend. Now why is that?

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Noah experienced sextortion. Noah met the attractive and fun Lars on Grindr, to whom he sent a couple of nudes. Lars turned out to be a 54 year old man with evil intentions. Noah was added to a group chat with ten other men around the age of 50 and was forced to meet up with these men. If he refused? Then his nudes with his personal contact information would be shared online.

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It can really happen to anyone

Shame sexting and sextortion are only two examples of online sexual abuse. Unfortunately there are many other examples that need mentioning. Noah, Yara, Roos, Manon and Myriam share their stories on to emphasize how extremely important it is that everyone knows what online sexual abuse/intimidation entails. They hope to help others, so others will recognize what is happening to them before it’s too late. It is terrible but true: it really can happen to anyone. For more information on online sexual abuse/intimidation click this link: SlachtofferWijzer.