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Hello,  I’m a 13 year old girl. I was 11, I know it’s a young age to date. I was very lonely and I only had 1 friend. I got bullied a lot on my school. I was so lonely, I was on the edge of life. I installed this app called ‘lonely days’. I wanted to try and get some friends. After scrolling through the users on the app I eventually came across this 12 year old girl. She looked cute so I added her. We became friends and we were flirting with eachother back and forth. Eventually it came to the point where we started dating. I added her on Instagram. We were dating for about a month and we’re already planning our lives together (we were young). So another month passes and something happened. We were in an argument and eventually it got really bad. I was mad and sad so I said I needed some space. An hour passes and I woke up from a nap. I opened Instagram to see something really bad. She said she would kill herself if I didn’t text her. I was texting her non-stop because it had been a while since she texted that. Eventually she came along and texted me back. I was saying that that had gone too far. She didn’t care at all. Another month passes and everything was going fine. But then she asked me to send nudes. I immediately blocked her and I had 2 accounts on Instagram. Right after I blocked her she texted me trough my other account. She was saying sorry and all that shit. And she was texting as if I did something wrong. It made me feel guilty. She also kept saying that it was a dare and everything. I of course didn’t believe her. I said that I needed some space eventually. She then again started to threaten me by saying she would commit suicide. We came around an agreement of that I’ll be given space for 1 day. And then I said that I would block her if she would talk to me through the day. I then took another hour to think about all of this. I eventually came to the point where I knew I needed to call my sister to ask for advice. I sent a message to her telling her that I needed to call. Soon after, she called me and I replied instantly. I was telling everything that has been going on, about the nudes, the suicide and what we’ve been texting. We both came to the conclusion that I needed to break up with her. Then I did and told her that she’s manipulative and I wasn’t happy with her. I blocked her right after. Mind you: my parents didn’t know about her. I also told my best friend that we broke up. (they did know about the situation and about her in general.) So now I’m happy and single. Okay thanks for reading my story, bye!