Privacy statement

Privacy statement is a platform by the charity Stichting Fonds Slachtofferhulp. Fonds Slachtofferhulp devotes itself to victims in the Netherlands as an independent public organization. Our goal is for all victims to receive the right help after a traumatic experience. So that they will be able to live a life that is not being dominated by victimhood. Based on their own resilience and with the right help.

Throughout this Privacy Statement, we will inform you about the purposes of this platform, how we handle the stories being shared with us and other information that might be of importance to you.


Stichting Fonds Slachtofferhulp thinks your privacy is of the utmost importance. It is our responsibility that you are able to communicate safely with us. Information you share with us will be handled with extreme care. That is our guarantee.

Stichting Fonds Slachtofferhulp is located at Louis Couperusplein 2, 2514 HP in The Hague and is reachable via the email address In case of questions, you can contact us via this email address.

Stichting Fonds Slachtofferhulp handles personal information in a careful way and acts within the limits of the law, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Stichting Fonds Slachtofferhulp thinks it of key importance that personal data is treated and secured with the greatest care. We also want to be transparent in the way your data is being processed by us. Hence, we will explain further below. Paramount is that we abide by the requirements of the GDPR in any case. You can request or change your personal data registered with us at any time.

Data and purposes

If you decide to share your story through this platform, it is an anonymous process. This means that we ask of you to not include names or other traceable details in your story. In addition, we do not collect other personal information of yours when you submit your story, e.g., IP-address or location.

In case you do submit a story including names or traceable details, we will delete these details at all times before posting the story onto the platform.

The purposes for which Stichting Fonds Slachtofferhulp collects the stories and posts these anonymously onto the website are as follows:

1. Creating awareness: showing what online sexual abuse entails and what consequences experiencing it could have.

2. Destigmatizing: giving support and recognition to victims of online sexual abuse by sharing authentic stories in a safe environment. In doing so, we hope to lessen the feelings of shame, guilt, and loneliness.

3. Activating: activating people, particularly younger people, to talk about this subject with each other, to share about this subject, or to research about the various forms of help available.

4. Learning: the submitted stories allow us to gain more insights about the problem, whereby the request for help and the needs of victims can be better mapped. We use these insights for our own mission where we aim at the best possible aid for victims of sexual abuse and defending their (legal) position. Additionally, we can offer the insights (anonymously) to other parties in the same work field, e.g., welfare agencies, police, government, to advocate for improvement.

Deleting your story

When you have shared your story, it is possible that you change your mind afterwards and prefer to have your story deleted from the platform. In case of this happening, we will do everything we can to delete your story if already posted, or, if not, prevent it from being posted.

Via you are able to send a request to have your story deleted. To help us identify your story we ask of you to provide details from the story and the estimated date you submitted it. The moment we delete your story, we will also delete your email containing the request so there will be no personal data remaining.


Stichting Fonds Slachtofferhulp has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure your submitted story and to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to the data. These measures will be frequently evaluated, adjusted, and, if necessary, updated by Stichting Fonds Slachtofferhulp.

The access to your story is set up in such a way that only authorized employees of Stichting Fonds Slachtofferhulp have access to the data providing they need it to perform their jobs.

The website is secured, so that the personal data you submit to our website is sent through a secure connection to Fonds Slachtofferhulp. Hereafter, all your personal data is deleted from the website.

Third-party privacy policy

On this website there are links included to other, not associated with to Stichting Fonds Slachtofferhulp, websites. Stichting Fonds Slachtofferhulp cannot be held responsible for the way these third-parties handle personal data. Hence, we advise you to always inform yourself about the privacy policy of these third-parties or to contact them for further explanation about their policy concerning the use of personal data.


Only anonymized Analytics cookies are used on and on

Privacy law and Google Analytics

As described below in the official declaration that Google Analytics users have to publish on their website, this website makes use of Google Analytics. This program supplies important statistics about the number of visitors, visited sites, traffic sources, and other essential data we can use to constantly optimize this website for the visitors. These statistics are anonymous and untraceable to a certain person or user. We do not make use of behavioral targeting, which will show you certain content based on your click behavior: your surfing behavior stays completely anonymous. Data from contact forms will never be processed or saved in Analytics.

Google Analytics uses a cookie, which is a small file that is saved to your computer. We have structured Google Analytics in accordance with the privacy law, so there is no permission needed in advance from the user.

IP addresses are masked and data is not shared

The cookie from Google Analytics is a first party cookie, this means that the cookie is official property from Fonds Slachtofferhulp and not Google. This cookie is not used for advertisements or other commercial purposes. Google Analytics is set up in such a way that IP addresses are made anonymous, so the data are not traceable to you or your IP address. Moreover, no information is shared from the Analytics account of Fonds Slachtofferhulp with Google or other parties. Thus, the Analytics cookie from Fonds Slachtofferhulp is a non-privacy sensitive first-party cookie that is necessary to guarantee the quality and safety of The Analytics cookie remains valid for six months.


If you prefer to block the Analytics’ script completely, you can download an opt-out plug-in for Google Analytics here: With this plug-in your visit to the website is no longer recorded in the statistics of all the websites using Google Analytics.

Changes Privacy Statement

The Privacy Statement has been last changed at February 3rd 2022.

Stichting Fonds Slachtofferhulp maintains the right to, where necessary, make changes to the Privacy Statement. You yourself are responsible for keeping up-to-date with the latest version of the Privacy Statement. Stichting Fonds Slachtofferhulp recommends to regularly check the Privacy Statement for modifications.


Do you have any specific questions or comments in response to our Privacy Statement? Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can mail your questions or comments to us at