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About a year ago, I met a  great boy who pretty quickly showed interest in me . He was sweet, kind, quite handsome, and he gave me the feeling that I was different from the rest. This had never happened before to me and I couldn’t get enough of all the sweet nothings he constantly said to me. At one point, he asked for pictures, with less clothes on… Almost without thinking, I just sent them, but two pictures turned into ten after  a week. When I told him I wasn’t comfortable with it anymore he turned aggressive: ‘you better send them’. ‘You will take your bra off’. It made me crazy, however part of me thought he cared about me but that he just had sexual needs, until he wanted to video call…  You can probably guess where that was going. I had to strip layer after layer of clothing, and when I told him I wasn’t comfortable with the situation he laughed and said: ‘you do know I can just send those lovely pictures of you to others?’ I froze.  I couldn’t turn back now. Fortunately, this happened only two times, but it did damage me.

A friend of mine pointed out that I was lucky I didn’t show my face in my pictures, so he couldn’t really do anything to me. But when sending them and video calling, I didn’t realise that and I just kept sending the pictures and keep doing what he asked of me. Together we blocked him and reported him. I am happy I am rid of him and the situation, but mentally and physically it has damaged me a lot.