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I had just finished training and he walked outside with me. He and I knew each other pretty well as we had been doing the same sport for a while now. My parents were supposed to come and pick me up, but they were late and I would have to wait 20 minutes in the rain. He offered to take me home, but we had to walk to his car first (2 minutes from the place we trained).

I had texted my parents that they didn’t have to come and pick me up and that I would be on my way soon. On the way to his home, I noticed he kept trying to grab my hand and that he kept walking closer to me. I thought nothing of it and assumed it was accidental.

When we arrived at his house, he went upstairs to quickly drop his bag in his room and I went with him. Once upstairs, he locked the door and then I started to get annoyed. He grabbed me and started to feel me up. I tried to get away, but he held onto me too tightly. I didn’t dare do anything. This wasn’t the boy I knew. Then he started kissing me. I yelled that he had to stop and he stopped. He looked at me with big eyes and asked what was wrong. I couldn’t manage to say anything and asked for some water. He went to get some water and I tried to leave but my legs wouldn’t work and I fell to the ground.

Then everything went black and the only thing I can remember is that I woke up on the bed without clothes on. He helped me to put my clothes on and then he took me home.

This is my story.