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I used to have a best friend. I knew her for a really long time, since I was 5 years old. She lived one street over. We were super close. When I was 11, she was 15. I was at her house and she said she knew a fun “game”. She said it was normal and that all best friends did this together. She did so many thins to me, and I had to do many things to her. I didn’t know this was wrong. Every time she’d say to me: ‘You’ll keep this between us, right?’ and I said yes. She did this to me every Friday for almost half a year when I’d go to her house for a sleepover. The last time it happened, her mother entered the room whilst my friend was playing her “game”. Her mother blamed me and she said it would be better if I’d never see my friend again or talk to her ever again. 5 years later, and I still suffer from it. I have received (trauma)treatments for my trauma. Sometimes I suffer less, but sometimes when I walk past her house, I have trouble breathing and I get super upset. I also can’t stand certain scents anymore, like laundry detergent. They trigger me and remind me of what she has done to me. My parents still don’t know. And her mother is still good friends with mine. I don’t dare to tell.