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A few years ago, I was watching a movie with a friend. We were lying on the bed and at one point I fell asleep. Before that, there was nothing sexual going on, I saw him as a friend. When I woke up, his hand was down my trousers. I don’t know for how long or what exactly had happened. I think I woke up in time and so not a lot had happened. I pulled his hand away and asked him what he was doing. He said he thought it was okay, because I didn’t say anything.

I was asleep.

When I told this to a mutual friend, he reacted very differently from the way I thought he would react. He was more upset about the fact that the boy hadn’t told him we met up. When I told this to a girl friend, she said he probably didn’t do it on purpose and that he likely really thought that I was okay with it.

After that, I did not mention it again. I did not feel heard. My friends’ reactions bothered me the most. The past year, I’ve told a few other friends who took me seriously and understood that it was unwanted contact.

Never be afraid to share your story, no matter how small or big that story is. Everybody copes differently with situations like these, and that is not something you should be ashamed of.

I hope we all have friends, and that we are friends ,that listen, and speak up when necessary.