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Last summer, I had my virginity taken. He belonged to the group of people calling me fat my first two years of high school.  I made sure I had to repeat the year, so I didn’t have to stay in the same class as them. A year later he started snapchatting me, saying how pretty I am. He wanted to meet, so I thought that maybe he had changed.  I went to his house and he immediately started to rub his dick. I tried to say that I had to leave, but he locked the door. I had to go to his room and he said we were going to watch tv. I thought it nasty, so I said that I really had to leave, but he insisted. I said “ok, half an hour”. Then he took off his clothes and urged me to do the same. He said he chilled in his room like this all the time.  I said: “no, I don’t want this”. I was 14 at the time and thought that maybe this is normal, but I kept my clothes on. Then he got annoyed en took off my clothes. He continued while I said ‘no’. At one point almost all my clothes were off and I couldn’t leave.  He wanted sex. I had sex with him while I was screamed a 1000 times that I didn’t want to. He came in me without wearing a condom. I got to leave and I haven’t been me since. I am so scared of everything around and have nightmares constantly.  I am now 15 and in 6 months I will be 16. It happened a few weeks before my 15th birthday. He also asked me why I didn’t moan, but I was silent, I couldn’t make a sound. I am now heavily depressed and have been urgently referred to an aid worker. No one takes me seriously. I have told 1 youth worker. Luckily, I did not get pregnant. The youth worker left and no I don’t talk about it with anyone else.