You keep thinking: I did send those pictures myself after all? That voice in your head just will not leave. The person who put your pictures online or is threatening to put them online is telling you that it is your own fault. You can already envision your parents asking you why you sent those pictures and your classmates calling you a slut. It is understandable that you have these thoughts and feelings, but it is never your fault! If something like this would happen to you, would you talk about it?

Guilt can make it so you don’t talk to anyone about what is happening. You feel as if you are completely on your own. Maybe you feel as if you are not entitled to help, since you were the one who brought this upon yourself.

Talk about it!

All the young people on this platform say: talk about it! Even if you have got the feeling that you have brought everything upon yourself. Talk about it with someone you trust, or (anonymously) with an aid worker. You are never guilty just because you sent a picture or video. The person who is abusing you, is guilty!