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Luckily, pictures of me  have never been shared. I have never sent them either. OIther things did happen. As a young girl (about 11 years old) I used to be in contact a lot with older guys/men. Via innocent websites, such as moviestarplanet or Habbo Hotel. I got into an online relationship with those men (often they were about 20 years old).  I did this because I enjoyed the male validation.  I didn’t get complimented very often nor did I get a lot of love from my dad, so I went looking for it somewhere else. There was this one guy whom I talked to for a while. Everything we talked about was innocent and went along the same lines of the other relationships. Until he told me that he had hacked my laptop and that he had videos of me undressing myself (this turned out to be fake and the guy was bluffing). But he said that if I wouldn’t go on a date with him he would share them on the internet. I blocked him afterwards and never talked to him again. I am 16 now and realise how dirty this was.  Not dirty of me, as I was only a young child. I wasn’t even an adolescent yet. It was dirty of the other party to treat me like that and doing this to me knowing I was 11.  Now that I realise this, my view of older man has changed and now I have difficulty hanging out with guys.