You are afraid of your worst nightmare coming true. Your nightmare is, that your footage and personal contact information will be uploaded online and that everyone will see your nudes. You are afraid that the people threatening you appear at your front door. Maybe your biggest fear yet, is that your parents will be approached, or worse: that they get hurt. If something like this would happen to you, would you talk about it?

Fear can be debilitating and keep you trapped in the abuse. You freeze and do whatever they demand of you. You don’t dare to talk about what is happening to you nor do you dare to look for help. It makes sense that you’re afraid. Nonetheless, what really helps, according to all the younger people on this platform, is to talk about it.

Talk about it!

Talk about it with someone you trust or (anonymously) with an aid worker. By talking about it you know that you are not alone. Talking about it is an important step in untangling yourself/breaking free from the threatening situation.