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A few years ago I got catfished on Grindr. A man pretended to be a boy of my age. When I started having doubts  and didn’t want to meet up with him anymore, he started threatening me. I realized too late what he was planning. He  already had my phone number and my nudes. He said he would send them to my family and friends via Facebook if I wouldn’t stay in contact with him. When I did block him, unknown men started calling me and sending me messages. They were being funny or threatening. I, also, received weird messages from a lawyer who offered to help me take down my pictures from the internet. He would do it for a lot of money. I kept ignoring these messages and phone calls and, fortunately, they left me alone eventually. I was so scared and felt super ashamed. I didn’t dare file a police report, even though I know this man is still active on Grindr and he might be doing what he did to me to others now. I think that’s terrible. I immediately told my best friend what happened. It was such a relief, because she was so sweet and told me right away that I had done nothing wrong. That man should never have pretended to be someone else to blackmail me! Talk about it, it helped me. Even if you feel ashamed, it is so much worse to be dealing with this alone.